All 24th & Agate jewelry is created using sterling silver.  It is in the nature of silver to slowly oxidize (turn a darker color) over time.  If you purchase a piece of polished/shiny silver jewelry, you can always use a polishing cloth (I recommend these) to remove any tarnishing. 

Please note that most of our pieces come with a pre-oxidized finish to give the jewelry depth and a unique look.  If you use a polishing cloth or solution it will affect the look of this finish.  Over time, you may notice that the high points of your pieces will become brighter and develop it's own texture/look.  The intention is to embrace the evolution of the oxidation, but should you ever wish to have your piece re-finished we will do so for free, for the lifetime of the piece (you will simply need to cover shipping).
If you should ever need a repair on a piece of 24th & Agate jewelry, we guarantee to fix any piece for life (within reason).  

While 24th & Agate jewelry is made to last, it should always be treated with care.  To uphold quality, it is recommended to remove all jewelry before showering, swimming, or sweating excessively.  Always store jewelry in a sealed pouch or bag (Zip-Loc is fine!) and out of direct light and moisture.